Welcome to Årefjällsloppet 10.0

Event number 8 in Visma Ski Classics Pro Tour season XI will be a real challange for the skiers. On March 27 2021 we welcome the national and the international long-distance skiers to the beautiful, magnificent views in the southern Årefjällen where 100km of crosscountry-skiing with almost 2300 altitude meters are waiting for them.

Årefjällsloppet 10.0 will start in Vålådalen. The course has two sprintpositions (Sprints) after 15,7km and 25km, and two mouintain positions (Climbs) after 39km and 65km. Here the skiers have the opportunity to collect points to the green sprint-jersey (Sprint Bib) and the checkered climbing-jersey (Climb Bib). The course passes the beautiful Ottsjö as the facilities in Trillevallen and Edsåsdalen before returning back for the finish line in Vålådalen after 100km and about 2300 altitude meters. A more detailed description of the course, a track map and a  course profile you will find further down the page.

Due to the prevailing pandemic, only elite skiers will be allowed to start in this years edition of Årefjällsloppet 10.0. The number of skiers will be based on the current restrictions where the SC-ranking will determine who gets a startplace for the race.

Preliminary start times for the race is 7.30 AM for women and 8.15 AM for men.

Criterias for registration Årefjällsloppet 10.0: 

  • You are registered in a Visma Ski Classics Pro Team
  • Alternatively, you have finished a Visma Ski Classics Pro Tour Event since the season 2018/2019 (November 1st) and later and have a result that corresponds to 125% of the winning time in the race.
  • All skiers that register needs to have an active FIS-code.
  • The organization has the right to pick up some Wildcards for Årefjällsloppet 10.0. More information on this will come.

Årefjällsloppet 10.0 has a maximum of 300 skiers to start. This number may be limited due to the restrictions during the current pandemic. If the number of skiers needs to be limited, skiers will be removed based on the Visma Ski Classics ranking system. You can read more about the ranking system here. You who have registered for Årefjällsloppet 10.0 but not get a start place  due the restricitions will get back 100% of your starting fee.

Information about the registration process will come soon. Follow updates on the website.


Årefjällsloppet 10.0 – the course


From the start in Vålådalen the skiers take a lap around the ”5kilometer” course before they meet the first fairly steep climb of almost 1kilometer. Then follows 10km, wich are a bit hilly before the first Sprint back at Vålådalen after 15,7km. When leaving Vålådalen again, a flatter part follows for about 9 kilometers before you cross the lake Ottsjön and approach the second Sprint after 25km in the Ottsjön village.


When Ottsjö is passed, the skiers will meet the first really challenging part of the course. First you climb up to Ytterstvallen, keep your pace up for a flatter part before finishing the climb after almost 14kilometers of uphill skiing at the Climbposition at Ripkalhöjden.


On the way down to Edsåsdalen, some technical skiing awaits. When the skiers turns up after Edsåsdalen there will be a lot of climbing again up to the second Climb at Lillvalen after 65kilometers. After the climbpoint the skiers will go trough the beautiful ”Lyckoleden” where the view is one of the most magnificant in the southern Årefjällen and hopefully they will have a chance to gather some energy before the end of the race.


Before the skiers comes back to Ottsjö they will pass a steep downhill. They will ski over Ottsjön again and reach Vallbo. The last 15 kilometers of the race is a bit like Vasaloppet in it´s character with mostly flat parts and some small uphills before the skiers crosses the finishline in Vålådalen.


Årefjällsloppet 4.5 and Årefjällsloppet 2.5

Due to the prevailing pandemic, we are investigating the possibilities to be able to start Årefjällsloppet 4.5 and 2.5 this winter. We hope that we, in some way, can allow skiers to take part of our beautiful views and nice skitracks in the southern Årefjällen in March 27-28. More information about the exercise part of Årefjällsloppet will come in January.

Accommodation: See links under the Swedish text; ”BOENDE”

 Transportation to start: there are busses going from Åre, Undersåker, Edsåsdalen, Vålådalen and Ottsjö to start that can be booked at registration.

We organise for your clothes to be sent back to the finish in Åre. And at start you will find toilets.

Drink stations are placed along the course. There is also waxing service, pole service and health care along the track.

Finish: The finish line is in Edsåsdalen and there will be bustransportation to Åre, Undersåker, Trillevallen, Ottsjö and Vålådalen after the finish.

Take the opportunity to stay a few more days and experience the Swedish mountains. Åre is known for World Cup competitions, skiing and can offer a wide range of entertainment with restaurants, bars, coffee shops and après-ski. The area also offers great ski tours, dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing and horseback riding.


We wish you a great winter and hope to see you at the start!